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About Us

Marketers, data scientists, robots, artificial intelligence, public relations, digital - basically collaborative.

What We Do

We develop just marketing strategies in a structured, measured, analytical way, that ensures a brand driven approach, results and a blueprint for how marketing can help your business grow.

Who We Are

We are your ‘Marketing Eye’. With over 1000 marketing strategies under our belt – we are seriously experienced.

What We Offer

An on-site or virtual workshop for 3 to 4 hours, followed by the development of a 30-40 pages marketing strategy, tailored to your business needs and outcomes.


Our Philosophy

Don’t be a statistic. Be a leader.

Our philosophy is to give small to medium sized businesses every opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential. Our team of marketing strategy executives will help you define your brand, USP and what tactical marketing and communication activations will help you reach your business goals.

Brainstorming Workshop

No-one will leave the room uninspired. Get ready for positive thinking.

Our marketing strategy brainstorming workshops are designed to engage all stakeholders, share opinions and experiences, and importantly put ideas on the table. Expect information gathering, brainstorming, idea generation, experience sharing and outcomes.

Brands For Good

Just Marketing Strategies

We work with Marketing Eye by design.

Marketing Eye is one of the most experienced marketing strategy firms in the Asia-Pacific region working with companies from idea stage, small and medium, all the way through to public listed companies and multinationals. Expect a detailed marketing strategy that any experienced marketer is capable of implementing. By signing up with Just Marketing Strategies, you will have the partner you need to achieve the goals you have set out for the next 12 months. Don’t delay. Sign up now for your workshop, and let Marketing Eye steer your marketing outcomes.

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