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Vast Electrical

Australia's number one electrical services contracting firm.

About This Project

Vast Electrical is one of the largest and most successful electrical contracting businesses in Victoria. Having grown significantly since the company’s inception, Vast Electrical were seeking to ensure that they had a brand that was relevant to their business going forward. In addition, their marketing strategy was to grow the business exponentially and secure large contracts across various sectors.


Marketing Eye developed a 12-month marketing strategy for Vast Electrical, ensuring that over the period of time, their marketing objectives were achieved.


In addition, Marketing Eye executed the marketing strategy, ensuring that Vast Electrical was able to achieve its business goals, and enhance the brand position in the market.


Part of the implementation plan was to work with key stakeholders within Vast Electrical and develop important lead generation tools, from an updated branded website through to brochures, sales decks and tender documentation.

Marketing Strategy